Our Facilitators

Meet the Born to Shine Team

Hailey Eisen

Hailey Eisen is a mom of two little rebel girls ages 8 and 5! She’s been a freelance writer and communications professional for nearly 15 years. Throughout that time, she wrote a parenting blog for the Yummy Mummy Club entitled Our Happy Place, she’s written about education and summer camp, wellness and lifestyle trends, parenting, technology and more. She’s also edited a number of empowerment and self-help books and created marketing materials for life coaches and wellness practitioners. Hailey is a regular contributor to Women of Influence and is on a mission to help shape girls into empowered young women who will create the kind of future this world so badly needs.

Hailey has been an active school council member for a number of years, was co-chair of Rolph Road’s School Council in 2017-2018 and is now the Communications Chair of Council at her daughters’ new school in Toronto’s beaches neighbourhood. Hailey comes from a family of life coaches, youth educators, healers, and channelers, so it’s not all that surprising that she’s found herself in the world of wellness and empowerment. Hailey finds inner peace while on her yoga mat, hanging out by (or in) the water, and surrounding herself with amazing women and girls!

Natalie Healy

Natalie Healy has 20 years of experience working with children with special needs. She created workshops that were used across the province to train teachers, EA’s, and parents in ASD, social skills, behaviour and communication. Natalie has also worked as a child and youth worker, case manager, and crisis manager for complex needs. She has extensive training in youth mental health. Natalie has supported women through the infertility and adoption process, and is the proud adoptive mom of two incredible sons ages 8 and 13. In 2018, after some health issues and a great deal of soul searching, Natalie left her former career behind (temporarily) and started a Holistic Health & Life Coaching practice called Project Shine Life Coaching. She completed her training with the Health Coach Institute and now works to inspire women of all ages and stages to SHINE from the inside out.

She works with clients to re-define balance, embrace self-love, and accept exactly where they’re at, no matter what that looks like. She’s so excited to bring these programs to girls, because she knows that the younger you start, the easier it is to deal with the challenges of adulthood! Natalie radiates love and joy, and kids flock to her wherever she goes. When she’s not coaching, providing support to her tribe of mom-friends, or hanging out with her own kids at hockey arenas, you can find her on her mat at her local yoga studio practicing self-care, something she’s made a big priority of late.  

Sarah Elder

Sarah is currently in school working towards an Accelerated Diploma in Child and Youth Care to complement her Bachelor of Health Studies Degree from Queen’s University. She has experience working with children with various complexities and has a passion for supporting those affected by mental health. Sarah thrives in situations where there is a strong sense of community and cohesion.

Sarah is a proud dog mom and animal lover. She was born and raised in Toronto and loves all that city life has to offer but takes every opportunity she can to escape to her family cottage in the Kawarthas to reconnect with family and enjoy some down time.

Sarah joined the Born to Shine team as a volunteer with a Girls Empowerment Workshop series in January 2019 to get to know and work with an amazing team of young women and is excited about upcoming opportunities.