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Welcome to Born to Shine, we’re so glad you’ve found us!

We’re here to create more than just awesome programming for girls. We’re here to start a revolution – or at least jump on one that’s already been started. The whole world is talking about girls, about women, about our rights, our powers, our abilities to transcend stereotypes and limitations. We see girls in our programs who are struggling, who are anxious, stressed out, self-conscious, and confused. But those same girls are also joyful, excited, eager, and ready to shine brightly, to break down barriers, and to quite literally change the world. They just need support,  a little guidance, and a healthy dose of belief. That’s what we’re here to provide!

Girls just need support, a little guidance, and a healthy dose of belief. 

Our programs take a holistic approach to strengthening girls (and boys too – more on that coming soon) from the inside out. We focus on the mind, body, and spirit and how each contributes to helping the whole shine more brightly. We find creative ways to plant seeds, to allow girls to realize their own power, to teach them how incredible they actually are, and to help them really believe it.

Born to Shine programs are developed to give young girls the foundation needed to grow into healthy, self-assured teens, who radiate confidence and kindness. Our goal is that our workshops will create a ripple effect, sending empowered girls into their schools & communities spreading these important messages & speaking their truth!

Through yoga and movement, mindfulness, creative expression, role playing, and deep conversations, we address topics including kindness, self-love, body image, gratitude, friendship dynamics, emotions and thoughts, inner power and strength, bravery, and more. In every one of our programs we create a safe and loving space for girls to learn, explore, and share.

In every one of our programs we create a safe and loving space for girls to learn, explore, and share.

We currently run programs in Toronto, but are open to collaboration, to hosting customized workshops outside of the city, and to finding others who want to take the Born to Shine curriculum and run with it. If you’re interested, just give us a shout: borntoshinekids@gmail.com.

Our programs include:

PD Day & weekend workshops

Birthday parties


Evening empowerment programs

School and club presentations

Custom workshops

And more!  

We’ve been busy! Take a look at these highlights from our most recent workshops…