In the words of our Born to Shine families…

“I really liked spending time with the other girls in the class, making new friends and learning about gratitude, kindness and friendship.
I learned to believe in myself and to love myself.” – Charlotte, age 9

“Thank you so much for creating Born to Shine! The tools / lessons learned help build upon the foundation of kindness we are trying to instill at home/in our daughter’s life! I would recommend Born to Shine to anyone.”
– Bryden (mom of daughter, age 9)

“Hailey and Natalie create a safe space where friendships are nurtured and girls can talk openly about themselves; the good stuff and the areas these young girls are developing. What I didn’t expect from these workshops was that the learning and teaching would continue after my daughter left class for the night. I noticed that C came home excited to share her creative projects that had powerful messages for everyone in our home. She infused her learning into our home through her actions and conversations, giving our whole family an opportunity to learn about kindness, the “mean girl” inside, self-love and gratitude.” – Shannon (mom of daughter age 9)

“My daughters loved the programming and look forward to doing more. So empowering and thoughtful!”
Sharlene (mom of daughters age 8 and 12)

“In a short week Natalie and Hailey have brought magic, spirit, joy, self love, self confidence, and creative art into my child’s life. K has come home each day exhausted and yet with abundant energy to share her experiences with Born to Shine Kids. My heart is full and we could not be more grateful for the passion and gifts of positive change these two women have shared and inspired. We will definitely be signing up for another experience with Born to Shine Kids again!”
– Tera (mom of daughter age 9)